Hello, my name is Eric. I started this little website because I wanted to share my learned knowledge with those that may be in need of it. Let’s just get it out on the table right now – I am a perfectionist! What ever it may be, from buying shoes to picking a family doctor, I don’t just arbitrarily make a decision; however easy that decision may appear to be! I will usually extensively research what ever it is beforehand, in order to know that I am making the best and most educated decision possible. This is in no way the easiest way to live, but it is the way that I have reluctantly embraced.

One of the major reasons being you see, I had a brain-stem stroke via a skiing accident at the age of thirteen, completely paralyzing the right side of my body. I won’t go into the details of the recovery process (let’s just say it wasn’t very much fun), but in order to make a full recovery I had to learn to constantly push my body and mind to their highest level possible each and every day. Therefore, from an early age I was always pushing and seeking the most “perfect” level of return from my body. So let’s just assume that “this” may have something to do with the personality type that I have grown into today. So… instead of letting all my hard work go to waste, I offer it to you!

Over time I plan on writing about everything that I have a strong understanding of (which should be about one hundred different articles in all). So come back again – I guarantee you’ll find some good reads at ericslogic.wordpress.com. If you find that one of the articles herein helped you in any way, shoot me an email, I would love to hear about it. Have a good one!


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