The Average Trump Voter: I Am Why He Won The 2016 Election 

I voted Trump proudly. I am not a racist. I quite literally view every type of people as equals. Even after the election, based on the media and the entertainment wing of the propaganda Democratic machine, they still want to push division and hate among us. To me segregation/separation is racism at its core. And to me, the media, and all those that continue to push that all Trump voters are racist, are themselves, the exact epitome of racism – they wish to perpetuate this self fullying prophecy by making everyone on Trump side think they got conned (even though it was opposite), and make everyone on Hillary side think that Trump voters are all racist and that’s why she lost. Neither is true. Millions of the same Trump voters just voted in the first black president ever (twice), with the middle name Husain, are not racist. Wanting the borders secure is not racist. Wanting not to get blown up, knifed, or shot by islamic terrorists is not racist. I voted Trump because I am tired of the Hillary/Democratic side pushing this continue narrative of division (because that’s how to date they have secured all their votes), by making every minority, woman, and black feel like they are oppressed in some way. I voted Trump because I am sick and tired of playing part of a corrupt government. I elected Trump because I am tired of protecting and meddling in the rest of the world for the wrong reasons. I elected Trump because I don’t want to be part of all these horrible wars. I helped elect Trump because I care about my livelyhood, myself, my family, my neighbor, and my America – above all else. I am the average Trump voter. I am why he won.


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