2016 Presidential Election Simplified 


I’ve been trying to simplify what this election is about, and why the country is split down the middle – to break through all the noise.

Both canidents are substantially flawed in their own right. Let’s all assume at least half of what we read about both are true. Therefore, most everyone is voting for one to simply not vote for the other. The important issues of today are essentially taking a back seat to political theatre. We can all agree on that right???

So those issues are moot give or take. So essentially what this election, and our vote, boils down to is this… ones perceived moral values (aka in which case voting for Hillary) vs ones perceived need for self preservation (aka in which case voting for Trump), and which each voter values more – self preservation, or the preservation of their mirrored morals.

You vote Trump because you value security (not an influx of 65,000 refugees), you vote Trump because you think he sincerely wants to defeat ISIS. You vote Trump because you want to ensure your countries 2nd amendment and its continued freedom – Supreme Court-activists, Christianity attacked, etc, etc. You vote Trump because you value your life and the future life of your children – AKA “self preservation”. Trump does and has done everything he has done with 100% gusto. So the bad was really bad and the good was really good. All or nothing. This I understand. I understand how this personality type mind functions as it mirrors my own. So moving forward he may say some things from time to time that make you cringe. But that’s because he has no filter. And “that” is why I, among many others, are voting for him. Because we trust him – the good and the bad – we trust the words that come out of his mouth. Because if anything, he is not a political robot, and you can trust him to do what he says. So much so, he can’t even hide his thoughts as they routinely get him in trouble.

Whereas Hillary may rarely verge off script. Her script is dedicated to making you believe a certain narrative. She has been focusing on this narrative for most of her adult life. She is good at it. So good it makes you think she is the clear choice. Hillary is a known liar (which you must acknowledge is the worst of the worst). And yes Trump is known to have diarrhea of the mouth.

However, I think the media machine in her pocket may of just broke the valve. I think they have now taken their skewed manipulation of what we see so far that even the far left is catching on. We are all being manipulated. And no body likes to feel manipulated. Human nature pushes against pressure. Most of us, want what we can’t have. Not that what is “forced upon us”. Some acknowledge this about themselves and some do not – some follow along with the common narrative.


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