Guys: What If You Could?


Nearly all married guys are pigs. Nearly all guys, while sitting in heavy traffic (or any other like scenario), will look at that hot pretty woman drive by in a car and think to themselves “what if”? That’s not to say they want to cheat, or even would if given the opportunity, but the majority (at least the ones with heartbeats), just for that brief moment, will likely picture a life that includes that unobtainable girl by their side. To these men looking at these woman, is as innocent as looking at a pretty woman in Maxim or a Playboy magazine. It’s a pipe dream and nothing more. It’s unobtainable and not based on any real reality that they ever see themselves in.

Now, It is no more fair to blame these men as it is fair to blame yourself for your thoughts and desires. This is driven by thousands of years a genetic programming. This sexual force is why we are all here today so don’t be so quick to hate the act. It’s only within the last few hundred years we men have had to quickly adapt to a life of strict monogamy. I say we are doing pretty darn good considering.

But imagine the HAUNTING reality of the guy in this same world, that through the power of stunning looks, and/or irresistible charm, possesses the ability to have any of these gorgeous girls if he simply chooses to? NOW… this “what if” world is purely imposed by his choice, and is no longer a simple innocent wish. For a lucky few (or not so lucky) this is not fiction, but the way the world works for them. Sure they have had a lifetime to learn to mange these trumped up truths. But it does little to ease their tortured minds. This does not necessarily make these seemingly super-human men egotistical or conceded. No more than a lawyer knows he is a lawyer, or a doctor knows he is a doctor. A rational and humble man knows that he was only born with this gift through luck of the draw and it makes him no better than any other man. However that doesn’t mean he needs to play dumb and pretend it doesn’t exist. See, I say THESE men are the truly faithful/good men. The ones that should be applauded for their daily restraint. Why? Because these men “decide” to NOT INDULGE rather than have their ineffectual powerlessness FORCED ON THEM. These men that “choose” (rather than react) to be faithful husbands or lovers are the true heroes of the modern marriage/monogamy world.


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