Aside from chemo, what should I do if I’m diagnosed with cancer?


The following is a guest post by Wayne Scheller DocWayne at I think it’s excellent advice. However, if I (Eric) were diagnosed with cancer I’d probably do both chemo and the following measures. Chemo kills all fast dividing cells. That’s it. So it will kill the cancer (a fast dividing cell) and kill your bodies (ie hair, stomach lining, etc). But your body will repair itself. The hope is cancer does not. There is no correct answer. Everyone’s body and every cancer respond differently to everything you try. What works for one may not for the other.

Okay I get asked this question a lot what would I do if I had CANCER? This is an extremely abbreviated version of what I would do. I always say cancer is the end result of defying the laws of nature. Now of course there is a small 10% that do everything right and still get cancer that is the genetic component of this disease. But the truth is 90% of this disease is lifestyle induced. The three main causes of cancer are:

1) Chemical toxicity
2) Suppressed immunity
3) Nutrient deficiency

The following is an abbreviated list of some of the most important steps that I would take to reverse this preventable disease:

1) Eliminate all man-made processed foods
2) Eliminate all meat and dairy products
3) Only consume organic non-GMO raw plant-based foods
4) Consume 4 to 6 ounces of fresh raw organic vegetable juice every hour to hour and a half
5) Drink 70% of your bodyweight in ounces of Kangen ionized alkaline water.
6) Maintain an ideal pH balance of 7.365 to 7.45
7) Get 30 minutes a day of full body sun exposure without any sunscreen and on days you can’t get in the sun I would take 10,000 IU’s of vitamin D3.
8) Remove all toxins from your body by doing Dr. Schulze incurables program.
9) Make sure you get 45 minutes to an hour of low intensity exercise daily
10) Get massage therapy weekly to get your lymphatic system draining toxins
11) Get chiropractic care weekly to strengthen my immune system
12) Take high-dose Wobenzyme on an empty stomach to dissolve the stealth like protein coating on the tumor so my body can destroy the tumor naturally.
13) Take plant-based digestive enzymes several times a day with each meal.
14) Take high-dose Turmeric to reduce the inflammatory response in your body.
15) Take glutathione
16) Take high quality fish oil
17) Take high-quality probiotics on an empty stomach daily
18) Take Juice Plus garden, vineyard, orchard blend daily
19) Take Coral Legend (coral calcium) daily
20) Detox your liver daily by doing coffee enemas
21) Remove all negative stressors in my life.
22) I would never listen to the so-called cancer specialist and follow their disastrous advice by chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Now I know from most of you this is way too much work and probably too expensive and you just want to leave it in the hands of your oncologist. I would never sit idly while my oncologist poisons my entire body to kill a tumor. I would take a proactive highly aggressive approach towards strengthening the entire rest of my bodies healthy cells to attack the few cancerous cells. Using chemo therapy to treat a tumor is like having rats in your garage and using dynamite to kill the rats you destroy the entire garage in the process.

It is a fact that if you are in stage four of cancer you have a 50-50 chance of survival whether you go Holistic or conventional. The differences this if you have a 50-50 chance of survival anyways why would you choose the method that is going to make you so severely ill lose all of your hair suffer from nausea all day long have your entire body waste away to the point where you wish that you were dead anyways. Not me I would choose the route that would give me the most vitality and nutrients to destroy the tumor naturally. It is a fact that most people that die from cancer did not die from the cancer itself they die from the chemical toxicity of the chemotherapy the poisoning by the radiation or the nutrient deficiency because they are too sick to eat a damn thing.

Now if you don’t have the resolve to follow all of the steps and you want to have a clinic do everything for you then I highly recommend admitting yourself into the Gersen Institute so they coach you along the way, prepare your meals, and give you everything you need to heal your body naturally.



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