How To Quit Smoking

How To Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is one the hardest things I have ever done. And mind you I consider myself one of the most head strong and determined individuals on the planet. Nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs ever. But cigarettes get you two fold. They are both physically and emotionally addictive. Your addicted to the drug obviously, but your also addicted to the 10 minute stress breaks you take 10 times a day. You originally smoked because it was fun. You continue to smoke because you have a addictive personality. Also, if you are like I “was” and have tried to quit many many times, then most likely, every time you light up you feel like a loser, at least I know I did. So what’s to stop you from smoking if you already feel like a loser? The answer is not much. The trick is to feel like a winner. So how do you quit? How do you feel like a winner?

There are many ways to try and quit. But the bottom line is, if you do not really want to quit you won’t. If your looking for a tool of some sort to do the heavy lifting for you, you won’t find it. The only way to quit for good is if “you” make the decision to quit. Note, that everytime you quit and restart it makes the next time you quit that much easier to restart. If you have only quit once then restarting would be monumental. But if you have restarted 20, 30, 40 times already then whats one more time you rationalize as you light up again.

HOWEVER! There is one way to quit that I have found successful. If you have a addictive personality, you may also be somewhat obsessive right? No grey area with you – all or nothing ya? You don’t eat one doughnut you eat five or none. That is the way I am too. So if I smoke, I freaken smoked, and smoked a lot. So what worked for me was to simply swap addictions. Anything, and I do mean anything is better than smoking that cancer stick. A crack pipe would probably kill you less quickly. What have you been addicted to in the past? What did you enjoy being addicted too? For me it was working out and getting yoked. I have been addicted to that many more times than that of cigarettes. In theory you can swap your addiction to anything. Whatever it takes to get your brain off the cigarette drug. Now of course swapping your bad addiction for a positive addiction like working out is better if you have a choice in the matter. But in the end it does not matter. All that matters is you do not think of cigs anymore. Once those have been flushed from your mind then tackle your new addiction if its not a strictly positive one.

As I did, go buy a butt load of supplements (or whatever it is that supports your new addiction). This will help reinforce your need to get your moneys worth out of this new addiction of yours. Write a “how to” article as I did here. An expert can’t fail, they are experts in the matter right?! Whatever you find that reinforces your new smoke free behavior embrace it. You smoke because you have an addictive personality. You are not like some friends you know that can smoke socially and only smoke occasionally when they go out. You either smoke or you don’t. So accept you are a crazy addict mo-fo and find something else to obsess on instead of those cancer sticks. In the end that is what worked for me, and it will work for you!


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