Syrian Civil War


Watching Obamas second address to the nation about the Syrian Civil War stirred some thoughts… Omg Obama is so pompous. Such a bully. He is the high horse. Albeit a good speaker. But I see through his bullshit. Death is death. I hope he was reminded of our own civil war. I wonder how many times over we killed Americans? Sure it was for a cause. But I’m sure Asad had a cause. Just because it was 100 odd years ago makes zero difference. All these countries are at least a 100 years behind the times. Let them make their own way. I can’t stand those that tell others what to do. The preverbal honk your horn at every mistake another driver makes. So childish. America needs to remove the American Excellence phrase. Just ads to our “we are better than you” fasad. America needs to lead by example and no more. And quit forcing our will on others. Just because your stronger does not mean you need to use it. That’s what bullies do. We keep this up we are 7th grade fat bullies thing and the world will just hate us more. I will hate us more. People want what they cant have stupids not what is forced upon them. Obama just got his ass handed to him – by Russia lol. Ha ha


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