Best Man Speech (for younger brother’s wedding)

best man speech

Let’s all put our hands together for the beautiful bride and groom… On behalf of Kyle and Jen – “Watson” I’d like to thank everyone for coming and helping us celebrate this wonderful occasion. And a special thanks to everyone that helped put this beautiful venue together.

My name is Eric. I was given the privilege of being “one”, of Kyle’s best men. I am also his older brother. Being married myself for the last 10 years to my beautiful wife Jamie… and after having 3 precious little boys, you’d think I’d have a load of helpful advice… WELL I DON’T…. I wish I did, maybe I could give some to myself…

But in all seriousness, it really is true, “all you need is love”. And everything else – and I DO mean EVERYTHING – as in LOT’S of things – will magically just fall into place.

I am so happy for you little brother. I’m so happy for both of you! You two are so lucky to of found each other. I truly think you guys were made for each other. Who else could listen (for hours on end) to Kyle’s mental debates? Even more so! Jen seems to actually enjoy them and fires right back with her own well versed opinion on each subject.

Jen – I and everyone here today whole heartily welcome you and your family into ours. We are truly lucky to have you. More importantly, Kyle is truly lucky to have you. May your marriage and love be everything you’ve hoped and dreamed for. And when it’s not, let your love carry you through.

Please everyone stand, and grab a glass… Let’s raise our glasses… to the most beautiful couple in the room here tonight… Kyle and Jen Watson! May your marriage last a life time, and may all your dreams become a reality.


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