How To Put On Weight & Get Big Fast

20120918-132147.jpgBy far the most fun thing to do with your body. If you’ve ever lifted weights, then at some point you’ve probably tried it; “lets see how big I can get!?”. I took it pretty far one time and went from 180lbs to 270lbs in 9 months (with the stretch marks to prove it). Ha! Beat that… Unfortunately, that little trick was done by simply eating a lot and it took me more than twice as long to loose all that fat I had gained. But seriously, I’ve gained 20 to 30 pounds many – many times. I naturally have more of the lean body type so for one reason or another (lazy, family commitments, etc) I’d eventually loose the weight I fought so hard to gain. Better than the opposite I guess. Point is, I’ve done this enough times to have it down to an exact science.

OK, there are basically three ways to gain weight. Each have there pluses and minuses. Note: I’ll assume your lifting weights in combination with these mentioned diet plans. One: The old fashion way. Eat tons of food. This will put the weight on fast but most of it will come from fat. The fat obviously being the negative here. Two: Lift weights like a mad man and eat lots of protein. The weight will come on slowly in the form of pure muscle. The word “slowly” being the negative here. And Three: My preferred method of gaining weight. Supplement with Creatine, L-Glutamine, L-Arginine/L-Citrulline/L-Ornithine, Protein, and lots of Water. Your muscles are around 75% water and 25% blood and tissue (the tissue is made of protein). Creatine and L-Glutamine will turn your muscles into a sponge. Very literally, the more water you drink the bigger your muscles will become. L-Arginine/L-Citrulline/L-Ornithine will pump your muscles full of blood. In short, these supplements will dilate your blood vessels and permanently fill them with more blood. Lots of protein will ensure the muscle tissue has adequate fuel to build solid and lasting gains. And lastly, drink at least a gallon of water a day to allow the supplements to do there job and to maximize their effects. The only negative here is that most of the newly found weight will come on in the form of water (better than fat!). But you will get big and strong very fast. That strength and size will equate to lifting heavier weight which in turn will build bigger lasting muscles (and thats not water!).

Take these supplements and durring each workout drink one gallon of water (yes one gallon!). Weigh yourself at the end of each work out. Each workout, your goal is to be one pound heavier than the last time you walked out of the gym. Sure your going to pee out 7lbs of it through out the day. But you will hold on to a pound of it with each routine. Your simply training your muscles to hold more water and blood. If you do this it is very easy to gain a pound a day. 14lbs in two weeks (14 days) is a very obtainable goal. After which, keep going and push it as far as you want (I’ve gained 30lbs in 30 days before). Basically, these five supplements are the staple of any seasoned weight lifter. The advantage that you now have over them is that you know you MUST drink at least a gallon of water a day to maximise the effects. Wa-La… Big in a bottle! Have fun!


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