Best Man Speech

best man speech

Please excuse the paper. I had to write it all down because there is so much I wanted to say here tonight.

This is an especially happy occasion for me today, not only because Dean has been my best friend for the last ten years, but because Liz is also my cousin and friend.

I was there the night Dean and Liz met. We were in a club up in Riverside dancing all night. I remember the whole drive home, back down to Carlsbad, Dean and I were like two giddy little school girl’s talking about how cool it would be if we were not only best friends but family too. Which brings us to today, and I personally could not be happier with the way things have turned out.

Dean, when you asked Liz to marry you, you made the best decision of your life. I’ve never seen you happier and more content than you’ve been since the day you found Liz. Liz is a beautiful, loving, self-assured, passionate woman, whose attributes will keep your marriage full of life and most importantly help to keep it interesting. I am so happy for you buddy

And Liz you didn’t do so bad yourself. You’ve married a great man – a man of amazing inner strength and integrity, a compassionate man who truly loves you. He’s earned my unreserved respect and admiration. And I consider it a privilege to be standing here today. The two of you compliment one another so well, all in part to make the amazing couple that you are.

I love you both, and I lift this toast to you, Dean and Elizabeth Ingle. May your lives be filled with the same joy and happiness you feel here today.


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